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May 24, 2011

Siwy: 2011 Fall Collection….looks amazing!!!

We’ve all see the Kardashian’s wearing Siwy, but Kate Moss has really helped Michelle Siwy’s Denim line on the map for must have designer jeans.  I know I have been wanting a pair for some time now.  I am just waiting for my size to come into our Vault Denim inventories.  We have had a handful of Hannah skinny’s come through from time to time, but the pair I really want is the ankle length destroyed pair.  They were so cute on Kim Kardashian with some flip flops. I sold a pair to a great gal a few months back and she still raves about them and about the killer price.  She has two friends that have given me their sizes just incase I get more in. I am holding out for my own pair because they would be great for this spring weather we are just now experiencing….it sure took long enough for spring to show up here in the midwest. Anyways, hope you love the new fall collection…Michelle Siwy has done an amazing job. Also, check out her video on YouTube describing her 2011 Fall Collection. She describes the collection as being softer than previous years collections.  

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February 16, 2011

Courteney Cox in Paige Premium Denim…My New Fav!

Well, I have to say….I just got my first pair of Paige Premium jeans two weeks ago while I was in Vegas at the Vault Denim Convention-2011.  I’ve had my eye on a pair for a while, but since I am only 5 foot, okay 4 foot 11-1/2 inches, they were just too long for me. I was in luck at the the convention cause they had a pair there with my name on them….well they said petite.  As soon as I saw them I knew they were mine and I’ve been rockin’ them ever since.

Courteney here has a pair of Paige Premium jeans on while on the set of Cougar Town!! She looks great in them.  If you’ve never tried a pair, I highly suggest you try a pair they are just a perfect fit and the denim is so soft and comfy.


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February 12, 2011

What the Vault Denim Convention 2011 meant to me….

What the Vault Denim Convention meant to me….

First and foremost, I had a renewed sense of belief in this company.  This occurred because I was able to hear first hand from people such as Doug Brady and Steve Price. They each spoke about the future they saw and had for Vault Denim.  Hearing them and so many others that spoke made it “real”.  I was amazed to see reps that had heartfelt stories who talked about how a little company like Vault Denim, even in just its beginnings could make such an enormous change in their lives. I could relate to this, because that is what it is doing for me and my family. Vault Denim at this point may just be a “little” company, but I can’t even imagine the growth we are going to see with the leadership and the amazing VFC’s that we already have in place.  With such a great group of people building this company, there are no limits to what we can achieve.

I was so fortunate to listen to stories from VFC’s which showed all of us there the potential growth that is in store. The highlight of my weekend at Convention would have to be Diane McAffee she was amazing not only in her breakout session, but also as she stood up there on stage to tell her story.  Her story touched my heart as I am sure it touched many others hearts also. I utilize what I learned from her at convention everyday….it’s what has given me a drive that is unstoppable. The connections I made were amazing and to be able to finally put a face with some of the VFC’s that I had only spoken with through email topped the cake for me.  I was anxiously awaiting meeting Gary Munson who is in my up-line. He was an amazing inspiration with leadership skills that are second to none. All of these personal connections have made all the difference.  I can honestly say that a bond was absolutely built between those of us there at convention.  It was amazing!!!

Since coming home from convention, I can feel the level of excitement I have for Vault Denim has risen. It shows even when I talk about the business. It’s in my voice with so much excitement and belief.  I knew there was something special about Vault Denim before I signed up, but now I feel that specialness. I am part of that specialness, me and about 1500+ people. My goals are getting set in place….and I encourage all of you to have faith in the potential that is inside of all of you.  Set those goals and reach them.


November 2, 2010

I’m a Vault Denim Fashion Consultant!!!!

"Vault Denim Logo"Well, I just wanted to tell you that I signed up to be a Vault Denim Fashion Consultant (VFC).  I now have a “frugal” way to support my designer jeans habit.  It couldn’t be a better match for me.

What’s Vault Denim?

It’s just the best thing around in Direct Sales!!!

Vault Denim’s fashion consultants make money by helping people earn FREE or deeply-discounted designer jeans by hosting a jean event in their homes or place of business. Home events are the perfect place to buy designer jeans–you can try them on with no sales pressure and you have your friends there to help you decide which pair fit the best. Plus, there is already a market for the product…women are spending money on designer jeans…a home event just provides the opportunity of being able to buy them for less! The demand is already there, and as a Vault Denim fashion consultant, you don’t have to create a “need” for a product that sells itself! You just need to take a walk through the high-end boutiques and department stores and then decide to join our team so you can enjoy the opportunity of earning an income by being able to sell designer jeans for 1/2 the price!

We provide everything you need to publicize the event and train you on what you need to know to run a fun and successful event. AND WE SUPPLY THE JEANS!

The list of premium brands Vault Denim carries goes on and on! Just look at any of your favorite celebrities and the jeans they are wearing.  I guarantee that Vault Denim has many of those brands in our inventory supply for you to sell at a Vault Denim home event:

These are AUTHENTIC brands and high-end designs all priced between ONLY $48 – $88! These are NEW Jeans! No Knock Offs or Seconds! A variety of womens, plus, & men sizes are available, including capris and shorts too!

If you’re a woman looking for a primary or secondary income that can be earned in a flexible and fun environment, who is also a motivated, self-starting individual who likes to network and is passionate about the fashion industry, please email us to discuss this unique business opportunity further.

Contact me for further details. This is a ground floor opportunity you don’t want to miss. I’m loving it!